Rice not included

Aloo Samba Lentil and potatoes cooked in lightly spiced thick sauce Lentil - the national dish of India, with its long tradition of vegetarians A simple recipe, with amazing results, from the North

Kashmiri Shabjee Potatoes and cauliflower delicately cooked in herbs and spices Kashmir is famous for its colourful landscapes and likewise the famous red chillies - truly a masterpiece, with an addition of cauliflower

Shabjee Khufta Seasonal vegetable balls delicately spiced, served in medium spicy sauce The Mogoly chefs prepared this with shredded meatballs - the Brahmins (one of the head of Hindu castes) made the sauce spicier and with vegetables

Palak Paneer Spinach and home made cured cheese with a touch of garlic and turmeric A perfect example of simple cooking using very little spices, a favourite amongst vegetarian and non-vegetarian